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The Tutoring Center at CALE
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Why Tutoring?

For some, the pandemic has left parents concerned about gaps in student learning. Other families have expressed the desire to avoid summer "slides" in their child's academic progress.  Many families are simply looking for a little extra boost for their child's self-esteem in the classroom.  Whatever the situation, if you are needing additional academic support for your young learner in the areas of reading and math, we offer tutoring services that will support your child's needs.  At the CALE Tutoring Center, we provide comprehensive tutoring for children in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade, as well as "booster" support for Preschool children who would benefit from our Kindergarten readiness groups. Inquire today so we know how we can best support you!   

Results-Focused Reading and Math

We believe in assessing children to know exactly what skills need additional support. Once these skills have been identified, we will provide parents a targeted learning plan (TLP) for their child.   Depending on the goals to be addressed by the TLP, we will recommend a tutoring schedule that will best support the child in reaching those goals. Often, we see our strongest gains toward TLP goals when children attend two to three tutoring sessions per week. We will assess the five components of reading, which include phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Spelling will also be incorporated into our lessons for those that need this applied skill. For math, we will support our young learners in the areas of Conceptual Understanding, Procedural Fluency, Strategic Competence, Adaptive Reasoning, and Productive Disposition.

Preschool Booster Program

We offer Kindergarten ready skills to support students as they prepare to enter Kindergarten. We will spend time on foundational academic skills, regulating emotions, active listening, and fine and gross motor skill development (think cutting and pencil grip for fine motor, and jumping and movement for gross motor!). We will balance academic time on task with learning through play. For these sessions, we will have three students working together so they have other children to interact with as they learn. Your child will have fun and develop great academic and readiness skills!

How Do I Sign-Up for Tutoring?

For scheduling and additional information, please submit the inquiry form below. We will have an initial appointment that includes an assessment and conversation with the family and the student. Once we have utilized the data provided to create a TLP, we will set-up your child's tutoring schedule. Please note that we typically recommend two to three sessions per week. Your child’s progress will be monitored each week and the plan will be continually updated as your child's skill set and self-confidence flourishes!

What is the Cost?

Families may choose to pay for individual sessions or choose to purchase an 8 session package. If you choose a package, we ask that this be paid when tutoring sessions begin. Over time, the number of sessions needed may vary, and we will always match this to what your child needs.

  • Tutoring for Grades K-5:

  • $50/hour OR One Session Package of 8 Sessions: $360 (10% savings)

  • Preschool Booster Program:

  • $40/hour OR Package of 8 Sessions: $288 (10% savings)

  • *We build these with 3 students to a tutoring group

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