Our Philosophy

At CALE, our instructional philosophy is seen through a lens of multi-age learning and a strong foundation in STEM. 


Multi-Age Learning: The benefits of a multi-age approach are vast.  Multi-age instruction allows us to address all of the learning modalities of all of our students while being intentional in scaffolding academic activities that will help to develop a community of learners.  Multi-age learning provides an organic opportunity to use richer vocabulary that encourages a sense of community.  We will incorporate real-world situations and lived experiences of our students while tapping into children's language. 

STEM: A STEM experience supports our young scholars in a hands-on, problem-solving approach to learning.  Children learn through exploration and experience.  A STEM focus creates learning opportunities that promote high levels of student engagement through organically cultivating skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration across all academic disciplines.  This approach connects to service learning by guiding students to see themselves as part of a community at large, and helping others through fostering positive change in our community. 

Intentional Teaching: To ensure long-term academic success, across all disciplines, CALE believes that the development of foundational academic skills must be intentionally taught.  Foundational skills in the areas of reading and math are essential to positive learning outcomes, which impact a child's self-esteem as a learner.  At CALE, we are passionate about this-it cannot be left to chance.

Body Movement: Learning through play and body movement is an essential part of the development of young children.  We will provide regular access to self-guided activities that promote the development of fine and gross motor skills.

Social-Emotional Learning: We believe children have the right to be children. Our role is to ensure we are supporting them in their development of self-confidence.  It is imperative that children see themselves as contributing members of their learning community. We are intentional about our approach to this as well as teaching conflict resolution skills, promoting positive peer relationships, and self-regulation strategies.  

Enrichment Opportunities: CALE believes in access to a variety of enrichment opportunities.  We will provide in-depth studies of art, music, and language that allow students to explore, practice, and expand their knowledge and creative skills.