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Are uniforms required?

Students are at their best when they feel comfortable with who they are. As long as clothing is not used to demean or put down others, we want your kiddo to come as they are. Honestly, there are days when the flannel PJ pants just feel good and as parents, we are not going to fight that battle!

Will CALE provide summer enrichment opportunities?

Yes! CALE will offer summer camps for interested children in CoMo.

How are the ½ days for data and instructional planning impacting my child’s learning?

It is imperative that teachers and directors have adequate time to review all the data we are collecting regarding our learners and making thoughtful and impactful instructional decisions based on that data. All students learn differently and we must ensure we are reaching all of them. Each child needs every opportunity to achieve at his/her best. The days are designed to ensure that level of success.

How will CALE handle snow days?

In general, it is unlikely that CALE would need to utilize a snow day as we do not provide transportation. That being said, there have been major weather episodes, such as an ice storm, or significant snow accumulation, that would impact the ability of our students and employees to arrive at school safely. Should a situation like this occur, CALE will use Sandbox to communicate a decision of a delayed start to the school day, or a school closure. If there is a delayed start, the morning Kindergarten class will be canceled and the full day programming will begin at 10:00 am. In the event of an early release, we will notify parents through Sandbox and we will dismiss full day programs at 12:30. Afternoon Kindergarten classes would be canceled.

How can we, as parents, be involved with CALE?

We want our families to feel that they are welcome at school and that we recognize the family/school relationship to be incredibly powerful in long-term academic success. If you are interested in volunteering, please complete and submit a volunteer form. This is the best way for us to ensure you are utilized in the most beneficial role. Additionally, we will always have opportunities for guest readers, and your child’s classroom teacher will help set that up for you.

How can I support CALE through scholarships for students?

We strongly believe that communities benefit when students succeed in the classroom. For this reason, we want to work to ensure that any child that wants to attend our school has the opportunity to do so. If you, or someone you know, is interested in contributing to our CALE Scholarship Fund, or CALE building fund, please submit the link below. Thank you for your generosity!

I am ready to complete the application process! What tips do you have for next steps?

If you are ready to apply, you may access our application below or through the Application tab on our Homepage. Once you have completed the application, you will receive an email that provides you access to the Sandbox portal. Once you receive that email, you will need to set-up your username and password and complete the registration process. Once complete, CALE personnel will be contacting your child, and your family, to schedule an appointment to visit the school and conduct a screening session with your child. Acceptance into CALE is not based on the results of this screening interview. We simply use the results of our screeners to plan a specific educational plan for your child.

What options does CALE have for snacks and lunch?

Because our building will not have a full kitchen or kitchen staff, and because we understand there are a multitude of diet limitations for children, those students that attend a full-day class will be asked to bring their own lunch. Please know that we will have options available for your child should a lunch ever be left at home...these things happen! We will also have snacks available for our students as well. Please know, we are parents, too! We understand that some little learners are pretty picky about what they want to eat. That is fine! If your child would like to bring his/her own snack, then we are absolutely OK with that.

Are you going to add additional grade levels in the future?

Yes! CALE plans to open as primarily a K-2 building, but we will have limited spots available for students in grades 3-5. Our school will grow through grade 8.