Check out These Additional Resources for Your Kiddos!

Below are some ways to keep educating your children outside of the classroom. Learning should be fun too. Check out some of the resources and ideas we recommend.

Learn Strategy



What if we told you your kid can learn chess as early as 4 years old? Yes, that young. Many kindergartners join chess academies and are masters by 12! This game not only improves strategic thinking, but also creative thinking, problem solving, abstract reasoning, and tons of other useful skills.  Check out this link, or click a button below to learn more! 

Learn Math


Math Games

Like we said, learning can be fun! Below is a website called and it's full of fun free games that can supplement your kiddos mathematics.  

Supplemental Videos


Peekaboo Kids

Peekaboo Kids is full of educational videos with lots of interesting facts and information about any topic you could think of. Peekaboo Kids has videos with amazing graphics and easy content to understand. I personally suggest the videos with Dr. Binocs, the kids love him.


Art For Kids Hub

Art For Kids Hub is an excellent way for your kiddos to express their artistic side. Art For Kids Hub is a channel with a tutorial or instructional videos to teach young ones to draw anything imaginable. This channel has anything your kiddos can think to draw and how!



Learning to be active is just as important as the subjects. GoNoodle teaches kids to be active in a fun and exciting way! These videos play music along with dances for the kiddos to follow along. 

Learn Coding


With a world thats becoming increasingly more computer involved, many schools are starting to teach basic block coding to kiddos at ages as early as Kindergarten! Coding doesn't have to be difficult either, and proves that for free! provides tutorials with dancing characters and music for the kiddos to enjoy while they're learning.