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The CALE Podcast

We are long-time educators and we are on a mission to help all schools, all students, and all educators be the very best they can be. We have been teachers, literacy coaches, consultants, curriculum directors, principals, executive directors, and assistant superintendents.


We are returning to our roots. We are going back to where the magic happens, but this time, we did it our way. We founded a school, Columbia Academy for Learning and Enrichment, so that we can create a learning space that optimizes learning for kids. We Teach. We are Administrators. We are Experts in our field. And we want to share our knowledge and the best practices we are implementing with all of you.

Come along on our journey as we educate without limits as we apply the best practices and engage in rich discussions with other experts in our field. We will bring you the most up-to-date, real-life learning while doing the work ourselves. Get schooled with us! 

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