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At CALE, we prioritize the development of foundational reading and math skills using evidence-based approaches. Our structured literacy approach, rooted in the Science of Reading, ensures that students build a solid foundation in reading. We closely monitor their progress and address any gaps to set them on the path to becoming proficient readers.

Similarly, our math instruction follows the principles of the Science of Math, enabling students to acquire foundational math skills without any holes or gaps in their understanding. This strong mathematical foundation empowers them to progress smoothly along the math continuum.

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We firmly believe that meaningful play is essential for children's learning and social development. It serves as a cornerstone of our program, allowing students to learn from one another, explore their interests, engage in problem-solving, and navigate the complexities of developing friendships. We provide ample time for meaningful play, recognizing its importance in each stage of their developmental journey.

Our multi-age approach is a fundamental aspect of our school, enabling us to meet students at their unique stage of learning. In our primary academy, students have the opportunity to work across standards, ensuring they receive personalized instruction that meets their individual needs. Additionally, the multi-age setting allows them to collaborate with older students, extending their learning and fostering effective communication skills with peers outside of their immediate age group.

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The CALE Difference For Primary Students


Foundational reading skills taught using a structured literacy approach based on the Science of Reading.


Close monitoring of students' foundational understanding to ensure development without gaps.


Foundational math skills taught using principles from the Science of Math, avoiding holes or gaps in mathematical knowledge.

At Columbia Academy for Learning and Enrichment:

We strive to create an inclusive and empowering educational environment that nurtures the unique abilities and passions of every student. By embracing a multi-age approach and focusing on individualized learning, we empower students to thrive academically, emotionally, and socially, preparing them for a successful future.

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